Muscle Potential

“The evolution of competition wear”

Best Fit competition wear and Muscle Potential Tee shirts/tanks are created by Muscle Potential. We are a 6 year old company in the male competition wear game, and we are bringing an evolution to the industry that has been missing for sometime. Our seamstress has been making customizing clothing for over 8 years. Together we have found that there is a need for TRULY custom fitted competition wear.

So many of the other company offer custom made but still don’t ask for all the needed measurements. With the Best Fit product line we have you covered, you spend vast amount of time in the gym getting your physique ready for your competition. But you spend 5 minutes picking out your competition wear for the stage. Right waist size and OK color, checkout done. All our physiques are different, even if you find competition wear that fits you, it does not mean it shows your hard work off the best.

We work very closely, step by step helping you design competition wear that fits you best. We have a wide array of fabrics and color choices for you to choose from, as well as different choices for cuts and styles.

For more info please email us at using form below. We will get back to you with any questions you may have. BEST FIT product line competition wear is competition that is made for YOU!

Most competition wear that is made and you just wear based on size. BEST FIT product line is made from your measurements to fit YOU! That is the BEST in CUSTOM TAILOR MADE competition wear!

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