Best Fit Boardshorts are what every physique competitor should be wearing on stage. We developed Best Fit Boardshorts with the physique athlete in mind, we looked at the most common complaint when it comes to board shorts and that was overall length and size. In the competitive sport of mens physique you work hard to develop your physique to the absolute best shape and size that you can. In doing this you push your body to its limit and size, that are not of the average man.

With Best Fit Boardshorts we make sure the length and the leg opening is correct for you. We offer either a baggy look or a tailor made boardshort. We give you the option of making the choice that is best for your physique.

What’s the difference between baggy look and custom fitted?

Baggy look means that your boardshorts will not be tailored to you exact measurements, but will be baggy on your frame. If this is the look you are going for then this style would be best for you.

Custom fitted means that your boardshorts will be made to the measurements that you provided us. They will fit snug and comfortably on you frame not baggy, more like lycra shorts.

If you order baggy boardshorts you will only have to give us your waist, butt and thigh measurements. If you order a custom fitted boardshorts you will have to give us:

Waist Size – Measure around the smallest part of your waist above your hip bone.

Front Height – Measure from the center of the Crotch the desired top of the front of the pants.

Butt Size – Measure around the largest part of your butt.

Rear Height – Measure from the center of the Crotch to the desired top of back of pants. THIS SHOULD BE APPROXIMATELY 3 INCHES (7.6 cm) HIGHER THAN THE FRONT.

Inseam – Measure from center of the Crotch to desired bottom of Pant Leg.

Thigh Circumference – Measure all the way around the nearest to crotch or as far down as you like your inseam.

Not only do we make tailor made suits, but we make sure we give you the attention that you need to make the best choice for the Muscle Potential Best Fit Boardshorts – Take your competition to the next level.

We will look at your height, weight and class you will be competing in and figure out:

What fabric type do you need?
What color will your short?
What color will your stripes be?

Each physique competitor is different and should be different. If they were all the same then we would only need one boardshort style, but how can a guy that is 6’2 with a 32″ hips wear the same boardshort as a guy that is 5’6 with a 32″ hips. They maybe be in different classes but they would both have the same board shorts on if they got them off the rack.

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