Best Fit Boardshorts

Best Fit Boardshorts are what every physique competitor should be wearing on stage. We developed Best Fit Boardshorts with the physique athlete in mind, we looked at the most common complaint when it comes to board shorts and that was overall length and size. In the competitive sport of men’s physique, you work hard to develop your physique to the absolute best shape and size that you can. In doing this you push your body to its limit and size, that is not for the average man.

With Best Fit Boardshorts we make sure the length and the leg opening is correct for you. We offer either a baggy look or a tailor-made boardshorts. We give you the option of making the choice that is best for your physique.

Ready to take control?

What’s the difference between baggy look and custom fitted?
Baggy Look
Baggy look means that your boardshorts will not be tailored to your exact measurements, but will be baggy on your frame. If this is the look you are going for then this style would be best for you.
Custom Fitted
Custom fitted means that your boardshorts will be made to the measurements that you provided us. They will fit snug and comfortably on your frame not baggy, more like lycra shorts.

Are You Ready...

Each men’s physique athlete is different and should be different, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LOOK ON STAGE with Muscle Potential BEST FIT BOARDSHORTS.
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