Best Fit Classic Physique Trunks are simply a great fit and feel, these were developed specifically for Classic Physique Athletes. In the classic physique division, you work hard to develop your physique to the absolute best shape and size that you can. In doing this we push our bodies to limits and sizes that are not of the average man.

So then why are MOST guys just going out and buying Classic Physique Trunks off the rack. You don’t have an average physique, so why get trunks that are made for the average person. This is your time to shine and we here at Muscle Potential want to make you look your best on stage.

We offer custom made Classic Physique Trunks that fit snug and comfortably on your frame, not baggy, with elastic in the leg to help fit even as you diet down.

Check out our great options to choose from:

  • Flat Panel Front (Seamless) – When you want a Classic Physique Trunk that is great for stage or just to practice in this is a great option.
  • Contoured Front (Seamed) – This option is a more form fitted Classic Physique Trunk with a pouched front created from your specific measurement.
  • “No Waistband” – We have created this look for athletes look to really create a minimalist look. We have removed the elastic from the waistband allowing the material its self to fit around you. This helps create a super low profile from all angels, making your hips/waistline look even smaller.

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