Best Fit Classic Physique Trunks are simply a great fit and feel. Best Fit Classic Physique Trunks were developed for those athletes that compete in federations that, either allows their physique competitors to wear squarecut style shorts or athletes that compete in a class like Athletic/Muscle Model, were they are allowed. In the sport of physique or muscle model you work hard to develop your physique to the absolute best shape and size that you can. In doing this we push our bodies to limits and sizes that are not of the average man. Muscle Model is for the athlete who is too big to be considered as a fitness model but does not wish to compete as a bodybuilder.

So then why are MOST guys just going out and buying Classic Physique Trunks off the rack. You don’t have an average physique, so why get a suit that is made for the average person. This is your time to shine and we here at Muscle Potential want to make you look your best on stage.

We offer custom made Classic Physique Trunks that fit snug and comfortably on your frame not baggy.
Don’t get Classic Physique Trunks that doesn’t fit you like you deserve, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LOOK ON STAGE with Muscle Potential BEST FIT Classic Physique Trunks.

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