Classic Physique Trunk Measurements

If you are doing a flat panel front suit you can skip the pouch size as you will make “Flat Panel Front” for pouch size.

Pouch Size

Measure the desired cup size of the pouch (the outward curve). Lie down on the bed or the floor, and flaccid, measure from the left leg crease, across the “package,” to the other leg crease. That is your pouch WIDTH. Divide that by 2 for your pouch size.

Waist Size

Measure around the smallest part of your waist above your hip bone.

Hip Size

Measure around the center of your hip bones below your bellybutton. Do NOT use your jean size for this measurement.

Front Height

Measure from the center of the crotch the desired top of the front of the pants.

Butt Size

Measure around the largest part of your butt.

Rear Height

Measure from the center of the crotch to the desired top of back of pants. THIS SHOULD BE APPROXIMATELY 3 INCHES (7.6 cm) HIGHER THAN THE FRONT.

Thigh Circumference

Measure all the way around the uppermost, largest part of your thigh.


Measure from center of the Crotch to desired bottom of Pant Leg