Best Fit Posers posing suits are the ultimate in comfort and fit. When developing Best Fit Posers we looked at how we could make our posing suits better than everyone else’s. In the sport of bodybuilding you work hard to develop your physique to the absolute best shape and size that you can. In doing this you push your body to its limit and size, that are not of the average man.

So then why are MOST posing suits (even ones that claim to be custom made) made from just the typical generic numbers that leave you with an ill fitting posing suit?? When other brands say that they make custom made posing suits, does not means they are custom tailored to your physique.

Look at what measurements you need to give to them: Waist size? Or does it say one size fits most?

We know that in bodybuilding one size or one measurement does not make the suit. We will ask you for the following measurements:

Front Height: This measurement tells us how high on the hips the suit will be from the front.

Rear Height: This measurement tells us how much material you will need to cover your glutes.

Pouch Size: This measurement tells us how much material we will need to fit your private parts.

Tip Size: This measurement tells us how wide to make the front of the suit to fit private parts.

Hip Size: When wearing a posing suit it should fit on your hips NOT your waist. This is one reason many suits guys get are ill fitted, baggy and not flattering to their physique.

Not only do we make custom tailor made suits, but we make sure we give you the attention that you need to make the best choice for the design, fit, and look you want on stage. We will look at your height, weight and class you will be competing in and figure out:

What side straps style best fit your frame?
What rear back style best shows your glutes?
What color goes best with your complexion?

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To Take Control Of Your Look On Stage

Each bodybuilder is different and should be different. If they were all the same then we would only need one suit style, but how can a guy that is 6’2 with a 32″ hips wear the same suit a guy that might be 5’6 with a 32″ hips. They maybe be in same class but their physiques are totally different.

Don’t fall into the posing suit diaper look, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LOOK ON STAGE with Muscle Potential BEST FIT POSERS.


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