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Best Fit Posers are posing suits/trunks made for the ultimate in comfort and fit. In the sport of bodybuilding you work hard to develop your physique to the absolute best shape and size that you can. So why are posing suits, even custom ones, made from just the generic numbers that leave you with an ill-fitting posing suit? Just waist size? Or one size fits most? Or pick from a S, M, L choice? We know that in bodybuilding one size or one measurement does not cut it. We will review all your measurements and style options with you to make sure you get the best look with amazing quality!

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Ready to take control?

Not only do we custom tailor every posing suit, but we make sure we give you the attention that you need to make the best choice for the design, fit, and look you want on stage. We will look at your height, weight and class you will be competing in and work with you! Mix and Match from our wide array of options to GET THE LOOK YOU WANT in your posing suit!
Side Strap Options
This is the start of any design for posing suit, this will decide how wide the straps are on your physique.
– 3/4” Wide strap: These fit securely and snugly around the hips with out revealing too much.
– 3/8” Skinny strap: These fit very narrowly around the hips and create a very low profile (almost invisible in side poses).
Front Panel Options
This part of the design will determine how the front of your posing suit will look. We offer two options.
– Contoured Front: A seamed front pouch that we build to your specific pouch size. This can create a very minimalist look on stage.
– Flat Panel Front: A flat seamless front style. The front will be a seamless wide front for a more flattering or conservative look on stage.

Please check the rules and guidelines for your competitive federation.

Lining (Front Panel Only)
We put a lining in the front of the posing suit to give you an “extra” bit of material to help with imprint and modesty.
Rear Panel Options
We have a wide range of rear panel choices for your posing suit:
– Full Coverage: Covers glutes fully, this option is great for those that don’t have super well-developed glutes or just want underwear that is more secure.
– 3/4 Coverage: Covers 3/4 of your glutes, great if you want to show of a small amount of your glute development.
– 1/2 Coverage: Covers 1/2 of your glutes, allowing your glutes to really be displayed.
– 1/4 Coverage: Covers only 1/4 of your glutes, great for maximum exposure of their glutes. These are the smallest legal for competition.
Cinched Back
This option can be applied to any rear coverage option.

The cinched back posing suit is a 2” cinch in the middle of the back of your posing suit, helping to create a more formed fit.

Gathered Back
This option can also be applied to any rear coverage option.

The gathered back posing suit is a full seam that runs from the middle of the back of your posing suit to the crotch. This style completely form fits each glute separately to create a painted-on look from the back.

Colored Piping
This helps add a little color to your look. We line the hip and leg areas with a contrast color to give you the ability to add a splash of color to a plain posing suit.

Please check the rules and guidelines for your competitive federation.

Are You Ready...

Each bodybuilder is different and should be different, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LOOK ON STAGE with Muscle Potential BEST FIT POSERS.

100+ Satisfied Customers in their Best Fit Posers

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