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Best Fit Posers are simple the BEST posing suit YOU will ever own! Unlike other posing suit companies that make competition wear just wear based on size. Best Fit Posers are made from your EXACT measurements which will provide YOU with your BEST fit! We know how difficult it is to buy posing suits off the internet.

Muscle Potential are NOT your typical posing trunks.

We don’t tell you what style to wear we give you the choice of the options you want, and you can put together the posing trunks you want to wear on stage.

You can choose:
• Side Straps
• Front Panel
• Rear Panel

You can also add-on to your base design with a wide arrange of options:
• Lining
• Gathered Back
• Cinched
• Colored Piping

Check out our competition wear page to see pictures of our different options.


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If you wish to have a less contoured front please choose FLAT PANEL FRONT for Pouch. This means you will not need to measure for pouch size. You will only need to provide: Hip, Front Height and Rear Height measurements.

The following measurements will need to be given to complete your order (make sure you provide all measurements naked, do not measure with underwear/posers on):

Hip Size – Measure around the largest part of your hip. THIS IS NOT YOUR JEAN SIZE.

Front Height – Measure all the way around the largest part of your thigh for the leg circumference. Giving us this measurement will take away the baggy look, the shorts will be your measurements.

Rear Height – Measure all the way around the largest part of your thigh for the leg circumference. Giving us this measurement will take away the baggy look, the shorts will be your measurements.

Pouch Size – Measure the desired length of the pouch. Measure from the body to the end of the hanging, flaccid penis. Our fabrics are tight but stretchy.

We will review all measurements before we start work on your order.

Additional information

Suit Liner


Strap Size


Waistband Size (Hips)

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Pouch Size

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Front Height

, , , , , , , , ,

Rear Height

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Rear Style

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Color Piping

No Piping, Piping

Stripe Fabric/Color Choice

Metallic Foil – Black, Metallic Foil – Copper, Metallic Foil – Gold, Metallic Foil – Green, Metallic Foil – Gunmetal, Metallic Foil – Purple, Metallic Foil – Red, Metallic Foil – Royal Blue, Metallic Foil – Silver, Metallic Foil – Turquoise, Metallic Mystique – Black, Metallic Mystique – Green, Metallic Mystique – Purple, Metallic Mystique – Red, Metallic Mystique – Royal Blue, Metallic Mystique – Turquoise, Milliskin Tricot – Athletic Gold, Milliskin Tricot – Black, Milliskin Tricot – Deep Purple, Milliskin Tricot – Hunter Green, Milliskin Tricot – Navy Blue, Milliskin Tricot – Red, Milliskin Tricot – Royal Blue, Milliskin Tricot – Turquoise, No Color Piping, Stretch Vinyl – 3D Prism Black, Stretch Vinyl – 3D Prism Red, Stretch Vinyl – Black Matte, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss Black, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss Navy Blue, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss Red, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss Royal Blue, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss White, Stretch Vinyl – White Matte, Wetlook (Cire') – Black, Wetlook (Cire') – Green, Wetlook (Cire') – Navy Blue, Wetlook (Cire') – Red, Wetlook (Cire') – Royal Blue, Wetlook (Cire') – White

How Far Out Is Show

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96 reviews for Best Fit Posers

  1. ramon h londoño (verified owner)

    very bigi did not get satified with my purcharse every thing is fantastic: the fabric an the siloutte but the problem is that was made very big. it does not fit well. it does not adjust and the front pounch is very big

    • Muscle Potential

      Hello Ramon,

      We are sorry you were not happy with the fit of your suit. We do ask for fitting pics which you never sent us. Fitting pics help us ensure the fit is correct. It can also help us tell if the error was in measurement or in production. Without fitting pics we can not assist you.

  2. Drew “Vanilla Gorilla” Peters

    I worked with the Muscle Potential team to get my posing trunks created and it was a good experience. They helped advise on how to get the proper measurements, recommended color options to best match my skin and were fast with shipping. I loved how the trunks fit and looked on stage. Very satisfied overall and would highly recommend them if you want trunks made from high quality material and proper fit.

  3. Derick Pierce

    #1 company that makes posing trunks! There hasn’t been a single order I haven’t loved, not only is the quality above the rest. How fast they get shipped and in your hands is unbelievable. I am a lifetime customer! I highly recommend giving Muscle Potential a try, guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Sean Greenlee

    Very happy with the help and advice given to me by Aaron and his team. Helped assure that I had the right fit for the look of was going for. Will definitely use them again next time I compete.

  5. Brian Anthony

    I had great support from Muscle Potential who custom made a suit that fits me amazingly well. It is super comfortable and will help me to stand apart while competing. Fabric, colour and fit are like nothing I have tried before. Thanks Team!

  6. Diego Lopez

    Fitted perfectly.

  7. Robert Cross

    The “Best Fit Posers” literally are the best fitting posing trunks I own. These things are cut and stitched to your specific measurements. I ordered this product 8 weeks out not knowing how long it would take to receive, the next day I received a phone call from the company to confirm all measurements and to see if I was measuring correctly. This is a very hands-on company that definitely shows when the last stitch is sewn. As for the arrival of my posing trunks, I received it in about a week if I’m not mistaken, and this is on the other side of the country. I wound up winning my weight class and overall for my division and I know the suit had something to do with it! I will definitely be a returning customer.

  8. Steven Fowler

    I was very happy with the posing suits I received. The fit was great, the color, which I admit to being uncertain of, was beautiful and came across perfectly on stage. I had several comments and compliments on them and truly couldn’t be happier.

  9. Josh Nelson

    I was 1 week out from my show and I decided last minute to enter bodybuilding and classic physique. Muscle Potential not only made me trunks that fit perfect, they also got them too me in time. I will be ordering again!

  10. Raymond Moreau, Jr

    Terrible fit worse service suits fell apart and too small npc officials hate the product was told personally at masters nats overpriced too

  11. Kevin Johnson

    If you want to look good on stage get your trunks from Muscle Potential. Great company to work with!

  12. Ryan Pinkerton

    Aaron worked very well with me. Was quick to respond and helpful in getting me set up with exactly what I needed.

  13. Wes Norton

    I’ve bought more posing shorts from Muscle Potential than I can count now and every time the quality of the posing shorts and the service from Muscle Potential is 5 stars. I bought my first shorts from MP before I started competing, and now a few pro qualifications later, I’ll continue to buy from them.

  14. Jason Brown

    These posers fit perfectly and that’s mostly due to the over-the-top level of customer service they put into every order, making sure your measurements are all as accurate as possible. Im a customer for life!

  15. Jesse Knerr

    I ordered 2 pairs of posers. One pair of 3/4″ and a pair of 3/8″. I got the contorted back panel added in. They were amazing love the fit and feel.

  16. Roman Romanenko

    I became aware of Muscle Potential through a good friend of mine that purchased product from them. I reviewed some of merchandise and after measuring myself I ordered blue turquoise posers. That night I was contacted through Facebook and together we went through the measurements and made sure all my needs were met. A week later I get a package and like a kid waiting to open up Christmas gifts a tore open the package and tried on my new posers. I loved them so much I immediately ordered a second pair!!!!!!

  17. Anthony Pasquale

    From start to finish, this was the best purchasing experience I’ve ever had; not only for posing trunks but anything I’ve ever purchased. My measurements were followed up on in detail and I was very pleased with the final product. I ordered less than two weeks before my show because I was in a rush, and they were nothing but accommodating. I can’t say that I will ever buy posers from anyone else. Thank you again!

  18. Ronnie Jouravel

    Fast shipping, great quality, posers stuck out on stage. Great fit and fast responses from them. Highly recommend for anyone.

  19. Dan Rahman

    They fit great and look great. The complement your hard work. They contact you to be sure you measured correctly and understand what you’re getting. Excellent turn around time and I wasn’t on deadline. And they’re custom made, not off the rack. They’re right when they say you’ll be spoiled and won’t want to go to anyone else.

  20. Antonio Cummings

    Sorry, wasn’t please at al with the product quality. I was only able to you the trunks for one show then the color went away. They looked great at first but personally if they last for one show I think you should get refund or new pair. Neither happened!!!

    • Muscle Potential

      Reply from MP – If proper care of suit then color does maintain. Leaving tanning products or posing suit oils on suit over long periods will ruin fabric. That is why fabric care instructions are sent with the suits and need to be followed.

  21. Charles Lee

    Excellent fit and feel . Great look and comfort on stage. Best trunks in the market

  22. Tom Post

    Suits not made as per expectation. Of all suit companies I’ve ordered from, MPG took far too long to make and ship the suits. Seems they are not willing to listen to the customers needs. I was willing to buy a 3rd suit hoping to finally get a suit that fits perfectly however representative seemed not interested as told me many times why he cannot do. I would still be willing to buy a 3rd suit but not at the full price.
    Cherry Bombs Mfg made me a custom suit that had a minor flaw to which they made me a new suit at no extra costs including shipping paid by them. That’s standing by their product.

    Thank you.

  23. Mitch Staats, IFBB PRO

    There great! For one.. You can tell there 100% custom to me. Fits great… the front is nice and secure… don’t have to worry about anything falling out. They feel great… not uncomfortable at all. All these points I’ve had issues with other posers… You blow them out of the water with service and quality man.

  24. Dainius Barzinskas, IFBB PRO

    Trunks from MPG are the best quality I have ever tried during my 25 years of bodybuilding career. Communication with Aaron is easy and effective. His advice regarding posing trunks color and style is always professional. I recommend his services for everyone looking for best quality with quick delivery.

  25. Charles Dixon, IFBB PRO

    Muscle Potential Gear by far has the best stage gear. They are custom made for you that contours your physique. The fit of your suit and color scheme is very important on stage and Aaron does a phenomenal job. I have been with MusclePotential for 2 years and this year is out 3rd year working together and I am very pleased and thankful for the good work Aaron performs. He always has the Tank looking fly on stage! Our color scheme for this years Arnold Classic is so awesome! TRUTH!

  26. Yat Fung Kan

    The trunk is standard size but not even work and got to body. It is a complete bad design. Won’t buy it again

    • Muscle Potential

      We do not make standard size products everything is custom made. If you did measure right that is not on us. We followed up with you several times before we started work and you also did not provide fitting pics as required on your order. When you do not provide any assistance we can not ensure a quality product.

  27. Jason Hebert

    Truly custom, perfect fit, and awesome colors! You won’t be disappointed

  28. Raymond Gendreau

    In bodybuilding, all the time in the gym, all the dieting and all the preparation comes to it’s pinnacle when you step on that stage. That is the game. The practice and preparation is over. How you present the masterpiece you created plays a significant role in the outcome. The Best Fit Posers are custom made to maximize the display of all my hard work. The material, fit and finish where outstanding. I will be purchasing another color.

  29. Stephen Ramirez

    I was pretty hesitant initially about using an online service opposed to a local shop for my posing
    Trunks but MPG came highly recommend. My friends this business is truly empathetic and goes above and beyond to help ensure you get exactly what you want..from clear instructions, color recommendations, and even making a custom shipping request! Would definitely recommend this service if you want to look and feel your best on stage, hassle free 💪🏽

  30. Steve Poynter

    This is my 2nd time purchasing from Muscle Potential and it wont be the last.

    The customer service is 2nd to none, where else will they personalize your trunks by taking multiple measurements.

    Once you receive the trunks, you are contacted to be sure of the proper fit and proper item received.

    I highly suggest anyone that is looking to do well at a show to purchase your Muscle Potential Gear, posing trunks play a huge role in how you are judged on stage.

    Go with the best, go with Muscle Potential Gear.

  31. Christian Palmer

    I had the pleasure of working with Aaron and from the beginning to the end he was very patient, professional and knowledgeable. I will continue to use Muscle Potential’s products and I recommend you do as well if you haven’t already!

    – Christian Palmer

  32. Gavin W. McCort

    I ordered to sets of perfect posing trunks. I couldn’t have been happier. They fit perfectly and everything was to my liking. Anytime I plan to do a show and I need posing trunks, I’m getting them from my friend Aaron.

  33. Edward Lawler

    Paid for quick shipment overseas and placed my order on July 1st but didn’t receive product until last week in July.

    • Muscle Potential

      This order was not finalized until July 13 with the client after numerous attempts to contact, and then shipped on July 17. We had order ready in 4 days, the quick shipment is up to the postal carrier. Order was shipped USPS Military Express, Issues with slow service need to be taken up with the USPS not with Muscle Potential.

  34. David Ames

    Can’t say enough good things about Muscle Potential. Extraordinary personal service and follow through. Truly amazed by the level of individual attention provided during and after this purchase. Great company!

  35. Jorge Villatoro

    Starting from measurement, color, look and fit, everything is nicely customized to look great on stage. I love the suits i have gotten lately and so do my clients.

  36. Daniel Gaitan

    “WOW” and “amazing” are the first words that come to mind when you see the products that muscle potential puts out. In fact those were the first words I said when I put on the posing trunks for the first time. But before I go into more detail about the actual posing trunks let’s take a step back and talk about there service that was provided to me. Holy cow do they work fast… Basically I needed posing trunks asap not once but twice because it was so last minute. Not only did they walk me through the whole process(my first time competing) they made some awesome recommendations based of my particular frame and appearance that turned out great. They also made sure that the posing trunks were perfectly fitted and helped me with the measuring process. Even after I received them they Msged me and made sure they turned out perfect, talk about fantastic customer service. I will never order posing trunks from anyone else and to be honest you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t order from them. I wish I could give them a 12 star rating. Now the actual posing trunks looked phenomenal. In fact I got multiple compliments about them. Can’t wait to try on the second pair that I just ordered!

  37. Levi Evans

    Best Fit Poser are BEST POSING SUIT EVER! The trunks truly fits great! I would highly recommend these posing trunks to anyone.

  38. Joey Ray

    Trunks fit great and they looked the best! Will be getting more in the future and highly recommend to others as well! Keep up the good work!

  39. Joe Musgrave

    These are by far the best fitting posing suits I have ever had.

  40. Jarrod Gelling

    I’ve done many contests and worn many different posing suits, but these are by far the best! Perfect fit and Aaron is an awesome guy

  41. Darin Steen

    The team at MPG are awesome. They were professional, quick and followed through with everything they said they would do with my deadlines.. The trunks I used def displayed my physique better than ever. I highly suggest that you use them.

  42. Nicholas Tong

    MPG is a standalone in this industry. Not only is the product phenomenal, but Jason will go out of his way to make sure everything from the cut to color are optimal for your physique. Won’t go anywhere else–thanks Aaron!

  43. Jason Theobald

    I wore MPG this year at Jr Nats, they are very comfortable fitting in all aspects but definitely enhance your physique. Aaron is knowledgeable about what will work best for your physique and structure as well. Custom trunks through MPG is definitely the way to go!

  44. Sean Greenlee

    Awesome product! Quick delivery and very easy to work with. Was very happy with the fit and color that they helped me pick. Will be ordering from these guys again in future.

  45. Eugenio Matta

    My experience with MPG is the best, from customer service to quality of product. They answered all my questions and the final product was amazing. Also the turn around time from the purchase order to receive the product is ridiculously fast!

  46. Chris Dolan

    Excellent products and customer satisfaction. Each posing suit is custom made to order. Muscle Potential is the place to go to for posing suits. They allow you to bring a sharper look to the stage.

  47. Steve Medina

    MPG best fit posers were the best fitting posing trunks I have worn in competition. I have always used off the shelf generic trunks in the past but none ever fit exactly like MPG trunks did. Aaron was very patient and helpful in making sure I had the correct measurements to get the best fit possible. Competing at the National level everything has to be just right including the fit of your posing trunks. Thanks so much for your help and an awesome fitting pair of posing trunks.

  48. Jim Flanigan

    I have to say that getting a pair of Muscle Potential Gear posing trunks was the best thing I could have done to cap off an amazing contest season. I have seen Aaron’s work at shows on other competitors and talked to a lot of guys that have worn them and have loved how they complimented their physique, and I could not agree more. The fit was amazing and they actually moved with me on stage not bunching or riding up. Service was great, ordering was easy and I was so surprised when the order was shipped and received so quickly. There are several things I will never do a contest without and I have added trunks from Muscle Potential as one. Thank you again Aaron for outstanding work and helping me look my best ever on stage!!!!

  49. Christian Ranno

    2nd show and 2nd time using MPG and can’t go wrong with this quality line of suits. Rocked it with the gun metal and will be using the other customized suits for an upcoming photo shoot. Comfort, quality and best fit both times in a row thanks to MPG!

  50. Josh G Cain

    Great awesome fit. Actually got compliments at show about suite fitting so well. MPG the only place I would ever go for another suite. Catered exactly the what my needs where and to get a suite that best fit my physique, complexion, etc.

  51. William Roberts II

    Muscle Potential should be the only place any real competitor looks for a suit. The personal attention that goes into EVERY detail is phenomenal. Shipped/received in the time you are told. And they ACTUALLY CARE how well it really fits. The search for the perfect suit stops here! Thanks you MP!

  52. Howard Fields

    Aaron is a pleasure to work with. His company created the perfect suit for my first major competition. It was exactly as I had ordered and fit better than the two I bought on the Internet previously.

  53. Matt Bulgrin

    MPG Best Fit Posers are BY FAR the best fitting posing trunks I have ever worn. The customized measurements for your frame give you the perfect taper to compliment your physique. These aren’t the typical generic posing trunks that most competitors buy. They are made to fit you. There is a reason that many of the top national level bodybuilders and pro’s are investing in MPG. I will definitely be purchasing my posing trunks from MPG for the remainder of my bodybuilding career.

  54. Ace Baldwin

    The best fitting posing suit I’ve ever worn in my entire bodybuilding career. You don’t go to The Men’s Warehouse and ask for sizing in S,M,L so why do that with your posing suit? Have Muscle Potential Gear build one around you, and look professional on stage…. And you can quote me on that. When I hit the stage again, you’ll be getting an order from me that shows even more glutes. In fact, your slogan really needs to be “less suit, more glute!”
    Ace Baldwin

  55. Marques Caudle

    Working with Aaron Powell was a great and painless experience! I know nothing about measurements, but Aaron Powell walked me through the process with little complications. I ended up with a suit that was better than expected plus a 2nd place finish in my 2nd pro show. I highly suggest and recommend Muscle Potential Gear if you want to stand out!

    Marques Caudle
    DFAC natural pro BB
    Calibrated Training and Nutrition (CTN)

  56. Paul Erlandson

    “There are 3 things that really stand out in my mind about posing suits from Muscle Potential Gear:

    1) These are custom-fit suits, NOT one-size-fits-all “off the rack suits.

    2) The color is impactful; it really pops! I ordered the metallic foil in Kelly Green.

    3) This is the first suit I’ve ever had which did not get stained by picking up my spray tan. That is great!

  57. Joel Perkins

    I have never been able to find a pair of posing trunks that I really liked in the past. Either they didn’t fit right, or I didn’t really care much for the look. This contest season, I was determined not to make that mistake again. I had come across some videos of other bodybuilders wearing Best Fit Posers posing suit and I thought I would give Muscle Potential Gear a try. However, even though I knew what I didn’t like; I wasn’t sure what I really wanted. Well, it turns out this was no problem as Aaron took the time to walk me through every aspect of the selection process, from cut, to measurements, to color. Still not yet 100% convinced at what I’d be getting, I also ordered some trunks from another well known manufacturer. When both suits came in, I realized I should have saved my money for another pair of BFPs. Their fit and shape was literally a cut above the other company’s trunks. Aaron was in contact with me throughout the process to insure a good fit. (You can tell Aaron is genuinely concerned about more than just making the sale and wants to insure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.) I received the trunk 3 weeks out and I was a little concerned that the trunks might get too loose as I continued to lose weight, but come show day they still fit great. I was so satisfied with my experience that I ordered another pair for my next show. I added a couple of extra tweaks on the design and sizing and I really dialed in the style I was looking for.

    I’m a real detail oriented guy and for me to feel that I will be at my best on-stage, I must know that I have taken care of every aspect of the competition that I am able to control. Plus, having been a judge, I can tell you that a good fitting pair of trunks that displays your physique they way you want them to can be the difference of a couple of spots in placing in a close contest. Worrying that I might not be presenting all my hard work to my best is not something I want to be doing. Muscle Potential Gear has taken that worry of my mind.

    – Joel Perkins

    IFPA / PNBA pro bodybuilder

  58. Tyler Russell

    Thank you so much for the amazing cut and fit that is a standard with Muscle Potential Gear Posing Suits. The posing suit fit amazingly, it was easy to manage and clean . I highly recommend and will use Muscle Potential again.

  59. Marques Caudle

    great service! would recommend to other athletes!

  60. Todd Roberts

    Muscle Potential makes top quality posing suits that are custom fit and personally tailored to your physique. I was very pleased with the instant communication and wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics. I received positive feedback from the judges at my show, and felt very confident on stage with my personally designed suit. If you are serious about competing, then definitely check out this great company.

  61. Brook Wilkerling

    I first contacted Muscle Potential Gear and Aaron Powell during my prep this year for the OCB Arizona Natural. He took great care to ensure all of my measurements were correct and that I would have the absolute best fit possible. Aaron also made sure I had just the right color and style that matched my physique also. I appreciated the level of care and concern he had for my contest as it pertained to my trunks as well as how my prep was doing overall. His efforts and collaboration showed on stage as I looked great and the “best posers” looked and fit like a glove! Definitely see this guy your next contest.

  62. Andrew McCoy

    The suit fit great…and i loved the feel!! I really likes it…for the first time getting fitted a suit i made some mistakes but learned from it…it was a mistake on my end…next time I’ll even look better!!

  63. Jake Gamble

    Muscle Potential Gear Best Fit posing suit fit way better than any other suit I’ve worn! Other trunks messed up my tan but MPG posers kept it nice and neat! Great product!

  64. Aaron Taube

    Aaron worked well with me to make sure I was 100% satisfied and had the best fit posers possible. The feel, cut, and material is really exactly what I was told it would be. Very excited to show them off at my competition!

  65. Maria Green

    Muscle Potential has been amazing! Ordered suits from 2 other “custom made ” companies several weeks ago. Competition was last weekend and still have not received 1 of the suits. The suit we did get was not even close to fitting. Didn’t hardly ask for any measurements. Started to panic as it was so close to the competition! Got ahold of Aaron at Muscle Potential and have been super pleased with the entire experience!! He was sympathetic to our situation. He made it a point to ensure me that we would have the suit well before hand and that we would be pleased with the results. He was dead on!! Not only did we get the suit with several days to spare, the suit is a perfect fit and is great quality! Also, Aaron has made it a point to keep in touch with us to see how the show went! Not very often do you find such professional, personal services out there!! Our hats off to Aaron and his team!! Keep up the outstanding work! Will recommend and use Muscle Potential from here on out!

  66. Fidel Perdomo

    There posing trunks are honestly the best one’s I have ever used. They fit perfect they are comfortable and the material is amazing, doesn’t seem or feel like a cheap material. The service was on point didn’t need to go back and forth regarding my order just put in the order and you don’t have to worry about anything which it means a lot while doing a prep. I strongly recommend these posing trunks they are worth the money or actually they are pretty cheap for the product that you get. I rate it 100 in a 1 through 10 scale.

  67. Carlos Rodriguez

    Had two separate suits done. He made sure they were done right. Great service and product.

  68. Dan Saxton

    I first want to acknowledge the customer service care provided by Aaron Powell was top notch. He made it very simple to do all measurements over phone for my posing trunks. He nailed the material used and type of trunks I needed according to my physique. The trunks were top notch and felt comfortable unlike previous one fit all trunks I have worn in the past. I felt more confident in these trunks and I got a ton of compliments on them. I will order more trunks for future shows and I highly recommend any bodybuilder from novice to pro level to use muscle potential posing trunks. Thank you Aaron Powell for all your help and providing not only great service but fast service. I ordered on a Friday and received them on the following Tuesday.

  69. Wade Howles

    I wanted to take a second to let people know just how great Aaron at Muscle Potential Gear is. I approached Aaron about making some custom suits for my two shows in 2013 and was surprised at the level of detail Aaron went into when it came to how I would look on stage. He knows exactly what colors, fabrics, and styles will look good on an individual’s physique and makes great recommendations. We picked out some combinations that I hadn’t even considered at first glance, he got my sizing information, and Aaron went to work. Now, there was a small bump in the road. I had a sizing issue when I first got my suits. Of course, I freaked out because I was a little “diet crazy” and there was only a week and a half until my show. I contacted Aaron and his cool, calm, and professional approach helped to put my mind at ease. I got two re-sized suits in the mail with plenty of time before my show and ended up looking GREAT on stage. I got several compliments about the unique look of my suit and how well it fit me. I can tell you this much, I will never go anywhere else for my posing suits. Other places can get close, but only Muscle Potential Gear can give you the best fit!

  70. Brian Ahlstrom

    Aaron Powell is the man and MPG Trunks are the best I’ve worn PERIOD. The first time I put these trunks on I knew I would never use another Supplier again. They fit perfectly. Aaron is top notch in what he does. He took all my measurements via Skype and they fit perfectly. Not only did Aaron create some great trunks for me he even did my color for the NGA Flamingo Pro in Miami, FL. Aaron had to drive 2 hours each way to my Hotel to handle this but he did without one complaint. Mr Powell even attended my show and helped out backstage to make sure everything was perfect for my Pro Debut. Well, what a great Pro Debut as I won the Overall Pro Men that night.

    Now, you think Aaron stopped there? Of course not, Aaron hooked me up with trunks for the Natural Universe (5th place Pro Men) and the IFPA Pro International (3rd place Light Weight Pro Men). My trunks arrived on time each time and just keep getting better. Aaron saved my measurements and as I got leaner/tighter he decrease some sizing for my final show to make sure we had perfection again. I let Aaron choose all of my colors as well due to his superb expertise in this area. I highly recommend using MPG for all your trunks. You simply CAN NOT GO WRONG! Thanks for everything Aaron and MPG!

  71. John Twerbold

    I’m just going to start this review by stating that prior to working with Aaron Powell I never in my life thought that trunks would be such an important factor in the many different options we have as bodybuilders. Let me also state that I was dead wrong. The trunks you wear are such an important aspect of stage presence I don’t even know where to begin. My prep coach Brian Ahlstrom introduced me to Aaron a few months ago and I didn’t think much of anything at the time. Pretty much on the backburner. I contacted Aaron and asked when we should do a fitting, that’s right fitting. These things are CUSTOM made for YOU. Yes each pair of trunks is handmade to your exact build. So 6 weeks out or so I set up an appointment with Aaron. We spoke via Skype and he had me step off the camera to take some measurements and we were good to go there. I wanted a pair of trunks for the Pre-Judging and for the Night show and Aaron actually has tools to take your skin tone, hair color, eye color and other factors in your appearance to find the colors that make you look your best. Got the order put in and they arrived very quickly at my doorstep. I did some posing, tried them on, got some photos and WOW was I impressed. Not only did they make me look wider and help with the illusion bodybuilding creates, but they were so comfortable as well and not a bit of Bikini Bite is needed. A week or so after getting them I felt one of the pairs weren’t fitting right and I contacted Aaron. He immediately told me to get on Skype with him and he showed me how to properly adjust them and they then had the perfect look and feel.

    I’ve told you all about how I got the trunks and how well we got them fitted, now it comes down to showtime. Wore my blue MPG trunks for the Pre-Judging and my silver for the night show. Like I have state prior the look and feel is so much greater than I ever expected. They show your glutes if you want him to make it that way and if your glutes are a weaker point and you don’t want to show em he’ll make them that way for you as well. We all have different bodies and it’s all about how they look and feel on you and that is all Aaron cares about, YOU. I went on to win the Short Novice, Novice Overall, Mr. Wisconsin Overall and Open Overall in the NANBF Badger State Classic on September 29th and I give MPG and Aaron Powell mad props and kudos for helping me along my journey.

    Just to wrap this up, MPG far exceeded my expectations. Actually they blew them away. The product, level of customer service and overall support I got from Aaron Powell a fellow bodybuilder and now friend are unmatched. I would never think about getting posing trunks anywhere else, EVER period. One of the best online shopping purchases I have ever made and I urge every bodybuilder I know and anyone reading this to get your trunks from MPG. Trunks are like training and dieting, what works for you may not work for another and just as cookie cutter training and dieting templates don’t work the same goes for trunks. Aaron will make sure they are custom fit for YOU and only cares about how YOU look and feel in them.

  72. Joshua P Meehan

    So this year @ 41 I wanted to look my best on stage. Diet, training , Tan, Hair. So with that being said I needed the best suit. Muscle potential gave me that & helped me put out my best package yet. See you in 2014

  73. Dana Barloww

    Suits fits like almost to perfect. I really does fit exact and the quality is excellent. The pouch should probably be a a little bigger. I have to make sure everything is in and if I get just a little how do i say lol harder. It pushes the suit up so that the sides show.

  74. Bryant Woelk

    Well lets just say that compared to the trunks that I had before there was no competition between the two. I love my mpg posers. They fit my body perfect!

  75. Arthur Vanderlick

    poser fit great..thanks for the great customer service

  76. Scott Michels

    This is far and away the best posing suit that I have ever owned. This is not your cookie cutter suit that some other companies offer. Aaron understands that every person is different; therefore, each suit is custom tailored to fit your body.

    Cookie cutter suits that I have purchased are uncomfortable and constantly need to be readjusted because they do not fit correctly. My MPG suit is like wearing second skin; no adjusting has been needed once I have them on.

    The customer service that Aaron provides is unrivaled in this industry. He was helpful in providing color, fabric and style suggestions. He kept me up to date regarding the status of my suit as well as following up once I received it to make sure the fit was perfect.

    Additionally, the compliments that I have received from other competitors, judges and the audience regarding my trunks and how they compliment my physique has been amazing. You cannot go wrong with MPG posing trunks.

  77. Bret Tinder

    These guys delivered big time. They helped me decide an appropriate fit for my body type as well as colors that went well with my skin tone. They were the final touch to my contest prep and I couldn’t be happier. If you want an edge on stage presentation, I highly recommend MPG custom fit posers. Thanks guys!

  78. Gary Wright

    So I ordered my trunks online with personal help from Muscle Potential Gear He talked me through any questions I had and helped me to choose which custom trunks and colours/styles were suitable for me. They arrived 3 days before my contest and fitted me perfectly. Easily having the best looking/ fitting trunks on stage through both contests I entered that season. I look forward to designing and ordering my next pair.

  79. Marc Rinker

    Not only from a product standpoint, but also from a personal one as well. I received one-on-one service that made the experience a very personal one. My competition trunks were an absolutely perfect fit and they looked awesome! This made getting on the bodybuilding stage for the first time a lot easier! If you want a very personal experience along with excellent product you gotta go with muscle potential fitness gear! Hands down the best!

  80. Graham Vivier

    Aaron was in constant contact after I placed my order. He even went to the effort to call me to confirm measurements and offered his assistance.

    I even received a follow up email asking if everything was ok. I am beyond impressed, especially with an internet vendor from the U.S – I’m in Canada.

    The shipment did take a while but it was understandable due to it being a custom order and the shipment across the border.

    Very happy and I will recommend – btw the suits look fantastic!

  81. Brandon Rohrig

    I just received my best fit posers and I could not be more satisfied with them. They fit amazing, and they are very comfortable to wear. Lastly and most importantly they look amazing. I will definitely be ordering these from now on and recommending these to everyone.

  82. Oliver Nickel-Gluecklich

    Love the fabric, the cut, the sewing and how they fit – THANKS

  83. Steve Milioto

    Posing suit fit beautifully!

  84. Jason S

    Thanks to Aaron!
    The trunk is gorgeous. so different from the usual one offered in the market.
    keep it up!

  85. Austin Stout

    I was blown away by the customer service I received when I order my posers. MPG went above and beyond to make sure they were fitted perfectly and made me stand out on stage. I received many compliments about the posers at the show and will be using MPG from now on!!

  86. Mike Poirier

    Fit – 9/10- They really are tailored to your body and emphasize each individuals shape!

    Comfort- 9/10- Very comfortable trunks, very little adjustment once you have them on, in comparison to other trunks which you may be adjusting throughout prejudging depending on how they fit.

    Style- 10/10- the gathered tanga look was perfect for my physique, it highlighted my glutes perfectly. The color selection and exact measurements make it easy to find the best fit.

    Overall – I felt very comfortable in this suit and it really was far different in comparison to any other suit on stage. Aaron was very easy to work with and the suite arrived in a very timely fashion, I look forward to working with him in the future!

  87. Josh Silk

    BEST FIT POSERS goes out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. Custom serviced, tailor made

  88. Jake Pacion

    The Metallic Mystique Purple Muscle Potential Gear Best Fit Posers I wore for the Natural Michigan Bodybuilding competition were a great pair of trunks nice fit, not to tight and a good color that went with my jan tana skin tan.

  89. Jesse Ventura

    I liked the suits because they made me feel comfortable on stage, really fit my physique loved the material and color

  90. Adrian Cipriani

    I ordered 2 posing trunks made with different fabrics, I have to say that they are the most comfortable suits i have ever wear for a competition, they are made to suit the person perfect with the exact measurements, i just competed in the NPC West Palm and i had a lot of complements for the suits and they feel great being on stage pretty much like nothing is there, 5 star all the way, ill be working with you guys for the rest oh my shows thank you so much for the great service and taking care of you customers in time

  91. Patrick Yule

    This guy knows his business and is very easy to communicate with I definitely recommend this company for your posing suit needs…

  92. Kendall Guice

    I ordered two different styles as well as color posing trunks from Muscle Potentials website. I received them on a very quick and timely manner ESPECIALLY considering the trunks are “tailor” made. As far as the fit… They fit my frame as they were designed to staying in the proper place and not moving as I made transitions from one pose to the next. Therefore they are comfortable in wearing and I highly recommend you giving them a try for yourself. You won’t second guess yourself nor will you regret it!

  93. Mark C Adams

    Aaron was great working thru the process of the educating me with the measurement process. We communicated thru SKYPE and he helped me to do the necessary measurements. The finished product was very cool and I like them.

  94. Jonathon Habeshy

    Presentation is so important for a serious competitor, MPG is the best way to take your presentation to the next level! Their customer service is top notch and great price for custom fit trunks!

  95. Martin Dion

    Hi everybody,

    I order a posing suit from this site and I got it really fast (less than 2 week) I’m from quebec city,

    The suits fit perfectly and the color is really good.

    I’m sure there will be some jealous on stage!

    Thanks you MusclePotential!!!

  96. Barry Thomas

    I was able to give very detailed measurements for the posers and when they arrived they fitted perfectly. I really looked forward to wearing them and they were very comfortable during the contest, I thoroughly recommend them.

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