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Best Fit Posers are simple the BEST posing suit YOU will ever own! Unlike other posing suit companies that make competition wear just wear based on size. Best Fit Posers are made from your EXACT measurements which will provide YOU with your BEST fit! We know how difficult it is to buy posing suits off the internet.

Muscle Potential are NOT your typical posing trunks.

We don’t tell you what style to wear we give you the choice of the options you want, and you can put together the posing trunks you want to wear on stage.

You can choose:
• Side Straps
• Front Panel
• Rear Panel

You can also add-on to your base design with a wide arrange of options:
• Lining
• Gathered Back
• Cinched
• Colored Piping

Check out our competition wear page to see pictures of our different options.

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If you wish to have a less contoured front please choose FLAT PANEL FRONT for Pouch. This means you will not need to measure for pouch size. You will only need to provide: Hip, Front Height and Rear Height measurements.

The following measurements will need to be given to complete your order (make sure you provide all measurements naked, do not measure with underwear/posers on):

Hip Size – Measure around the largest part of your hip. THIS IS NOT YOUR JEAN SIZE.

Front Height – Measure all the way around the largest part of your thigh for the leg circumference. Giving us this measurement will take away the baggy look, the shorts will be your measurements.

Rear Height – Measure all the way around the largest part of your thigh for the leg circumference. Giving us this measurement will take away the baggy look, the shorts will be your measurements.

Pouch Size – Measure the desired length of the pouch. Measure from the body to the end of the hanging, flaccid penis. Our fabrics are tight but stretchy.

We will review all measurements before we start work on your order.

Additional information

Suit Liner


Strap Size


Hip Size

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Pouch Size

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Front Height

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Rear Height

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Rear Style

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Color Piping

No Piping, Piping

Stripe Fabric/Color Choice

Metallic Foil – Black, Metallic Foil – Copper, Metallic Foil – Gold, Metallic Foil – Green, Metallic Foil – Gunmetal, Metallic Foil – Purple, Metallic Foil – Red, Metallic Foil – Royal Blue, Metallic Foil – Silver, Metallic Foil – Turquoise, Metallic Mystique – Black, Metallic Mystique – Green, Metallic Mystique – Purple, Metallic Mystique – Red, Metallic Mystique – Royal Blue, Metallic Mystique – Turquoise, Milliskin Tricot – Athletic Gold, Milliskin Tricot – Black, Milliskin Tricot – Deep Purple, Milliskin Tricot – Hunter Green, Milliskin Tricot – Navy Blue, Milliskin Tricot – Red, Milliskin Tricot – Royal Blue, Milliskin Tricot – Turquoise, No Color Piping, Stretch Vinyl – 3D Prism Black, Stretch Vinyl – 3D Prism Red, Stretch Vinyl – Black Matte, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss Black, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss Navy Blue, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss Red, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss Royal Blue, Stretch Vinyl – Gloss White, Stretch Vinyl – White Matte, Wetlook (Cire') – Black, Wetlook (Cire') – Green, Wetlook (Cire') – Navy Blue, Wetlook (Cire') – Red, Wetlook (Cire') – Royal Blue, Wetlook (Cire') – White

How Far Out Is Show

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98 reviews «1 of 10»
very big

i did not get satified with my purcharse every thing is fantastic: the fabric an the siloutte but the problem is that was made very big. it does not fit well. it does not adjust and the front pounch is very big



slip de bain chaud

I love worn very small “tiny” and muscle potential I found my happiness, very hot and really sexy!

Review of Best Fit Posers

I worked with the Muscle Potential team to get my posing trunks created and it was a good experience. They helped advise on how to get the proper measurements, recommended color options to best match my skin and were fast with shipping. I loved how the trunks fit and looked on stage. Very satisfied overall and would highly recommend them if you want trunks made from high quality material and proper fit.

Review of Best Fit Posers

#1 company that makes posing trunks! There hasn’t been a single order I haven’t loved, not only is the quality above the rest. How fast they get shipped and in your hands is unbelievable. I am a lifetime customer! I highly recommend giving Muscle Potential a try, guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Review of Best Fit Posers

Very happy with the help and advice given to me by Aaron and his team. Helped assure that I had the right fit for the look of was going for. Will definitely use them again next time I compete.

Review of Best Fit Posers

I had great support from Muscle Potential who custom made a suit that fits me amazingly well. It is super comfortable and will help me to stand apart while competing. Fabric, colour and fit are like nothing I have tried before. Thanks Team!

Review of Best Fit Posers

Fitted perfectly.

Review of Best Fit Posers

The “Best Fit Posers” literally are the best fitting posing trunks I own. These things are cut and stitched to your specific measurements. I ordered this product 8 weeks out not knowing how long it would take to receive, the next day I received a phone call from the company to confirm all measurements and to see if I was measuring correctly. This is a very hands-on company that definitely shows when the last stitch is sewn. As for the arrival of my posing trunks, I received it in about a week if I’m not mistaken, and this is on the other side of the country. I wound up winning my weight class and overall for my division and I know the suit had something to do with it! I will definitely be a returning customer.

Review of Best Fit Posers

I was very happy with the posing suits I received. The fit was great, the color, which I admit to being uncertain of, was beautiful and came across perfectly on stage. I had several comments and compliments on them and truly couldn’t be happier.

98 reviews «1 of 10»

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