In today’s modern bodybuilding world, the pursuit of total symmetry along with mind-blowing size is tantamount. Not everyone is born with genetics that allow every body part to develop in exact balance with every other body part. This is where SEO (Site Enhancement Oil’s) come into play. There are many different versions that affect the muscles differently, through differing mechanisms and for varying lengths of time. The most advanced of these products are not even oil’s, in fact the newer generation of ‘fillers’ are water soluble.




Why use MediPhorm?

• Aqueous based
• Derived from hyaluronic acid
• A disaccharide polymer which already exists within our bodies acting as a lubricant, aids in the healing process, scar tissue mitigation, cellular migration, overall inflammatory actions, and in overall skin repair
• Self-dispersing
• Aiding in overall stretching of the fascial layer
• Can last up to 12-16 months
• Requires less overall applications
• Requires less overall product volume

The novel of MediPhorm SEO is its actions as a polymer. This polymer has the ability to absorb 5000 times it weight in fluid and is self-dispersing (meaning it will fill the entire muscle head on its own, moving freely through the membrane.) The fact that this product is hyaluronic based means its a very well researched and utilized acid as hyaluronic acid is also known in the medical community as Juvederm. Juvederm is a family of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used to correct things such as facial wrinkles, skin folds, and other forms of site enhancement. This product also does not contain lidocaine which can cause inflammatory responses.


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